The best way to connect to our church is through our LifeGroups.  Our small group ministry exists for the following reasons: care, communication, community, accountability, and spiritual growth.  Both Sunday and mid week groups are available for all ages.


Winter Mid-week Options 

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Sunday Morning

Kids birth to 5th grade (Kids Club)
490 - Middle School Students in 6th - 8th Grade (490 Room)
ychanGe - Zach & Natalie Walker - Eric and Christy Smith - High School Students in 9th through 12th Grade (YchanGe Room)

The Ledge - Pastor Lamar Ferrell - Geared towards young singles (307)
Family Sense, Brian Rose - Geared towards 20-30 year old married couples (302)
Project 7:24, Steve Kittle - Geared towards 30-40 year old married couples (304)
Clay Pots, Jimmy and Sharon Tinch - Geared towards 40-60 and over (308)
Power Class, Scott Dickenson - Geared towards 60 and over (301)
Hannah Class, Laura Nell Ferrell & Sherrie Myers - Geared for women (303)

Contact our office and we will get you connected to the best group for you.  Email us here.  You can also click on the leaders name to contact them directly.

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