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ychanGe Student Ministry

ychanGe is our high school student program designed to develop our young minds and their relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a crucial time for this age as they get ready to venture into the real world. While they are spending time at home and school developing their minds for their next phase in life, we want to make sure they are firmly grounded in the gospel of Christ through a strong biblical foundation.

Our group leaders, Zach and Natalie Walker, are focused and driven to work with your young adults and help prepare them for their next phase in life. They spend countless hours devleoping this program to specifically meet our church goals. Some of the adventures your youth will encounter are:

  1. Weekend group campouts
  2. Social get togethers
  3. Local and domestic missions
  4. Charity functions

..... and so much more. They become family and experience life together. We want them to leave this group not only having a strong developed foundation in Christ but also knowing they have family that loves and supports them in every step they take.

ychanGe meeting times are:

9:30am - Sunday mornings @ the church
6:30pm - Wednesday evenings @ the church

You can also see more about who they are and what they do by visiting them at their facebook page.

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